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We launched a targeted information campaign in Sri Lanka to increase awareness of the dangers of irregular migration and migrant smuggling in vulnerable communities as part of the Global Assistance to Irregular Migrants (GAIM) project.


Community Response Map measures the geographic spread and effectiveness of outreach activities by gauging comprehension of key messages and follow-up surveys on issues related to safe migration. It also captures the experience of migrants who have returned to Sri Lanka and benefited from reintegration assistance through the GAIM project.


demographic profile
Key Findings
learnt passport, visa and work permit are needed to migrate abroad
Migration Agents
2 in 5 respondents
were deceived by migration agents
WIllingness to Migrate
7 in 10 respondents
want to migrate
outreach programs
98 %
answered travelling to a developed country on a visit visa is not a regular migration for employment purpose
Safe Migration Campaign

Outreach Activities

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Sri Lanka has been conducting special information outreach campaigns popularly known as safe migration campaigns (SMC) to curb the irregular migration attempts of Sri Lankans through irregular channels. The campaign informs the benefits of safe and regular migration and the ill effects of irregular migration by targeting students, youth, government officials, community leaders, and communities prone to irregular migration.

career guidance

community awareness raising workshop


public forums

radio programs

safe migration student session

social media

training of trainers

word of mouth


IOM Sri Lanka’s Pioneer Bicycle Rally to Raise Awareness in Safe Migration

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As a part of the safe and regular mass information outreach campaign organized by IOM Sri Lanka’s sub office in Jaffna from 21st September to 7th of October 2019, a bicycle rally was organized by participating 67 voluntary young cyclists from the region to promote awareness on ill-effects of irregular migration and positive perspectives on regular migration. Signifying a great level of success, 368 responses were generated through comment cards at the event by IOM staff, UN Volunteers and also by the government officials from the regional Divisional Secretariat who once participated IOM Training of Trainer (ToT) events in the past project phases.IOM Sri Lanka’s Pioneer Bicycle Rally to Raise Awareness in Safe Migration

Based on traditional and cultural norms, Jaffna is renowned for community transportation using bicycles. Therefore, utilizing such a thematic campaign approach via bicycles not only reached the most vulnerable irregular migrant prone communities within the targeted 5 km radius but also made a great level of positive impact in knowledge, attitude and behavior shift towards safe and regular migration among the communities in the region.